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Cost Effective

 – Low monthly cost

About FiveBackup

The latest secure online data backup technology is now available from FiveBackup.

We provide data backup services for a single Laptop, or numerous PCs in a business setting, for example.

With a 100% secure offsite backup of your data, your business is secure when you choose FiveBackup.

Imagine for a moment the repercussions of losing your data:

  • loss of essential customer data and files
  • lost time trying to restore data
  • lost work hours
  • lost revenue (hundreds or thousands of pounds from even just one week of lost data)

That’s why it’s essential to backup your data regularly!

  • You can protect your business data from hardware failure, natural disasters, accidental deletion, viruses and malicious attackers when you choose FiveBackup.
  • FiveBackup provides you with the highest level of file protection by backing up your data daily. All the files we hold for you are fully encrypted, instantly recoverable and backed up automatically.
  • FiveBackup is a secure, easy to use service that can keep your personal and business files totally safe and easily accessible.
  • A password-protected dashboard makes managing your backups so easy, allowing you to organise, access and restore any of your backed-up data from any supported Internet browser - anytime, anywhere. It’s so straightforward.
  • It’s crucial to back up.

Do I have the right internet connection?

An average broadband connection should be sufficient to enjoy the optimal use of our online backup service. Our software only transfers altered or new data. With FiveBackup, the data will be compressed prior to being transferred, therefore limiting the amount of data transfer required.

What happens if things go wrong?

Imagine the scenario:

  • You have lost a file and need to find it.
  • Your hard drive has crashed and you want to reinstall your files.
  • You want to transfer your data to a new system.
  • You want to access your work from a different location.
  • You want to secure data transmission over the internet
  • Automatic Backups
  • Offsite Backups
  • Easy Reliable File Restores
  • Retrieve Multiple File Versions
  • Remote File Access
  • Easy System Restore
  • Unmatched Data Security
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